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Welcome we are Fenyx Studio

We’re a digital product agency based in Los Angeles, CA with offices in Seattle, WA, and of course, being global, we’re also in Dubai, UAE. We’re composed of product designers, agile innovators, machine/deep learning scientists, AWS/GCP Cloud architects, and mobile & web engineering industry experts.

Our team takes over everything, from idea and concept development to realization. We believe in traditions and incorporate them within our innovations. Our clients are the soul of the project. We illustrate that throughout all steps of the process.


Some Interesting Facts

Our team takes over everything, from idea and concept development to realization and, of course, solution delivery. We believe in traditions & values and incorporate them within our innovations.

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What our Engineers & Designers have worked on

Mall of Emirates Mobile App

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Ski Dubai Web App

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Glee Project Mobile App

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MasterChef App (FOX)

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What We Do

From premium software development to brand experiences and digital transformation, our global community of industry-leading experts does it all. Our clients are pioneers of digitalization in entertainment, education, media, airline, finance, and defense, to name a few.

Problem Solving


Firstly, we ensure alignment between people in all teams. We focus on success by validating assumptions to help businesses prioritize and make confident decisions to move more efficiently. Through tailored guides, we enlighten on technological directions that are feasible to each client.

Tracking Impact


We believe in efficiency coming from simplifying data complexity. We focus on key data and provide real-time insights to enable businesses to track changes and understand the ROI of every implementation.



We breathe mobility through iOS, watchOS, tvOS, Android, and Alexa; we speak in Cloud with the AWS dialect; we crack data and piece together machine learning classifiers and deep learning neural nets on Tensorflow, PyTorch, and a few others. We inspire fluid, responsive, and beautiful web; and we maintain internal robust libraries that allow us to bootstrap your project with a solid foundation.

Agile Coaching


Remaining in our offices working behind closed doors would invalidate our company’s mission. We cater to each client’s needs and requirements- not just for the projects themselves- but also for the needs of the clients’ teams. We have rockstar engineers, agile experts, and excellent leadership that spend time with a client’s engineering team. we focus on building a cohesive team dynamic, industry engineering standard, and an adaptive plan for agility.


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Office in Los Angeles

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  • +1 (310) 270 – 8327

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